In early October, we told you about catching 41M and how his sibling climbed up on top of the cage and taunted him through the bars.  Last night we saw that 41M’s brother didn’t learn from 41M’s experience…

In this video, we see 41M (with his shiny new collar) looking at the cage trap with some trepidation.

He remembered his last encounter with that pesky cage trap, and even though he wants that dead deer, he wasn’t willing to go in.

His brother, on the other hand, had a fine time when 41M was caught, and ended up going into the trap last night.  Here we see our newest collared cat, 46M, laying in the trap, eating all the deer, while 41M looks on with envy.

46M weighed 92lbs and appears to be traveling with only 41M.  They could still be with their mom, but we haven’t seen her yet.  Whether or not she is around, they are near dispersal age, and they will soon leave the area where they grew up to find new territory they can occupy.   This is a tricky time for them as they will have to cross roads, territories held by other, very unwelcoming males, and enter into unfamiliar areas.  This is the first brother pair we’ve been able to monitor, so we’re very excited to see how long they travel together and where they will each end up!