Most animals are really difficult to observe since they generally run away when humans approach. One way we get around that is by using motion detecting cameras. These cameras allow animals to take their own self portraits by triggering the shutter as they walk in front of the camera. Many animals aren’t very good photographers. They take pictures in very bad lighting (night), and sometimes, all we see is a tail or an ear. However, these amateur photographers do get lucky occasionally and we end up with some beautiful shots with great lighting!

bobcat with gopher snake


If you have a trail in your backyard and you want to know what’s walking behind your house, you might consider getting one of these trail cameras. Now that cameras are all digital, you can leave them up for weeks or even months at a time before you recheck them. You might even catch one of our pumas striking a pose in your backyard!

emo coyote

bobcat and large kitten